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Daniel Mettenburg is a local ecommerce vender, and is here to help restaurants excel.

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About Dan

Hi, my name is Dan, and I am a dude you want to know.  I love helping others find breakthrough solutions to improve their lives.  In this case, ecommerce solutions for your restaurant!  I want you to get in touch with me! Whether you want to check out what Tucson Food Source is all about, or just want to chat…drop me a line at the contact below.

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Daniel Mettenburg

While technically a transplant (grew up here – Immaculate Heart School shoutout!), Tucson is where my wife and I have settled and LOVE it, from the surrounding mountains, to the people, and especially the food!

While I was born in Augsburg, Germany, I have lived all over the USA.  Managed restaurants, laboratories (at Alma Mater University of Iowa), air quality in the midwest, and sales teams in Tucson.

Helping restaurant owners take control of their online business and thrive!

Building a community in Tucson with all of the members of Local Food Source!

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